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Mycorrhizae at the Service of Your Plants!

Mycorrhizae at the Service of Your Plants 

Premier Tech has integrated mycorrhizal fungi into PRO-MIX® growing media products for more than 20 years. The company also offers concentrated mycorrhizal inoculants in the PRO-MIX® brand, which are adapted to different cultural practices.

Knowing the type and quality of the mycorrhizae you use for your plants does make a difference. There are a variety of inoculants on the market, but they are not all equal. An inoculant with only one mycorrhizae species seems to be limited, but research has shown better results proceeding this way, rather than with a mixture of species. It’s easy to explain: in a mix of species, a dominant species takes charge at the expense of the others.

Even though there are more than 200 species of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF), Premier Tech selected Glomus intraradices more than 35 years ago because it has shown to be adaptable to several soil types and environmental conditions. It is known to colonize roots quickly and aggressively. It is very effective in bringing water and nutrients to plants. Glomus intraradices is also a good collaborator, a key element for optimal plant development.Over the last three decades, numerous scientific articles have supported these facts.

Premier Tech is the largest commercial producer of endomycorrhizal fungi (strain: Glomus intraradices) in the world!We produce our own endomycorrhizae in a controlled environment assuring you the highest quality and performance levels. We use two quality assurance methods to verify that you are receiving a superior endomycorrhizal inoculum. The first is a count of viable spores coming from the concentrated suspension used to make the product.

The second method is a greenhouse validation test in which plants are inoculated with the recommended amount of product and grown in containers to ensure colonization of plants.

By maintaining these strict rules, we can assure a consistent quality product for every batch of the product made. Premier Tech's expertise makes it possible to formulate several active ingredients with multiple concentrations and various product matrices adapted to different cultures and methods of application.


More than 35 years of expertise in active ingredients, developing a process for the aseptic production of mycorrhizal fungi in a myco-reactor on an industrial scale.


PRO-MIX superior endomycorrhizae, guaranteed by a quality control that ensures their viability.


Highest quality control standards of the industry at many key points, which guarantee the performance of active ingredients.


A superior formulation of pure endomycorrhizae combined with quality growing media integrated for the practices of producers which are easy to apply at the right time and in the right place (close to the root system or germinating seeds).


Formulations and mixes that ensure spore survival until use.


  • Colonize rapidly, resulting, among other things, in a faster and more uniform growth of the plants;
  • Improve water and nutrients uptake (particularly phosphorus, copper, zinc, and manganese);
  • Increase plant resistance to environmental stress such as compaction, salinity and drought;
  • Improve plant survival rate following transplant.


  • The microscopic organisms associate to the plants roots and form a network of hyphae that becomes an extension of the plant root system. This network explores the soil and accesses more nutrients and water, which are then transferred to the plant, in exchange of sugars and vitamins provided by the plant. These live organisms become feeders for the plant. 
  • The beneficial alliance between mycorrhizal fungi and the root system accelerates root development and stimulates plant growth.

Watch the following Premier Tech video to observe the movement of water, nutrients and sugars in the mycorrhizal hyphae (filaments) via a microscope.

PRO-MIX® is a registered trademark of Premier Horticulture Ltd.

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