Ed Bloodnick

Director, Grower Services

South Eastern US, Japan and Overseas

Cumulating almost 40 years of experience in the horticulture industry, Ed is knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate about clients.  Based in Pennsylvania, he is responsible for the Grower Services team and directly supports overseas market. Experienced in commercial plant production, plant nutrition, biologicals, laboratory analysis and growing environments for the edible, medicinal and ornamental markets, he is also involved in the development of new products. He has published numerous articles and videos for plant culture and in support of PRO-MIX products. Ed is passionate by horticulture and by people and enjoy sharing his knowledge:

“Whether in person, virtually or other means, interacting and understanding what [growers] do, how they grow their crops and what products or services we can offer to improve their crops and their business is my passion. Over the years, many friendships have developed through professional business relationships and working with our clients. This is very satisfying knowing that we, as a company, can help growers to be successful and achieve the best results for their crops.” 

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