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Sustainable Development


Premier Tech Horticulture has grown around one of the most abundant natural resources in Canada, sphagnum peat moss. Over the years, our company has leveraged its expertise to create a wide assortment of natural products intended for home gardeners, professional horticulture and large-scale grain and vegetable crops.

For Premier Tech, manufacturing products that are safe for the environment is of the greatest importance, and as such, the respect, protection and responsible management of raw materials constitutes a priority. We aim to improve overall productivity levels in a spirit of sustainable development, by means of completely natural active ingredients.

In this regard, several of the soils and growing media we offer are certified by the OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute), an international nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the growth and confidence of the global organic community through experts and independent reviews.


For many years, sustainable peatland management and the protection of ecosystems such as its sphagnum peat moss harvesting sites have been firm commitments at Premier Tech Horticulture. To preserve the vitality of those areas for many generations still, Premier Tech Horticulture actively participates in the restoration of peat bogs. Even when knowledge was limited regarding the sustainability of resources, Premier Tech Horticulture promoted university research in that field.

Premier Tech Horticulture received a tribute for its valuable contribution to research and responsible management of peatlands. This renewed support reflects the Premier Tech Horticulture's dedication to Laval University's research in sustainable development since 1992.

Responsible Management of Peatlands Laval University Premier Tech Horticulture

"Certificate of Appreciation from Laval University, Qc to Premier Tech Horticulture"

Some 15 years after its first large-scale peat bog restoration project, the company still continues its efforts, and this, all over Canada. Since it cares about making knowledge progress, Premier Tech Horticulture always devotes a part of its peat bogs to various research projects. Those efforts, combined with the experience acquired over the years, allow Premier Tech Horticulture to offer products with a small ecological footprint.


Why Use Sphagnum Peat Moss?

Sphagnum peat moss has been used for many years for horticulture purposes for its ability to hold large amounts of air and water, making it ideal as a component of propagation media. This is because sphagnum peat moss possesses interconnected cells with thin lignified walls and large cavities that are built-up and prevent the sphagnum cells from collapsing when they dry out. This characteristic provides a capillary system for sphagnum peat moss to absorb and transport water easily. As the water evaporates, these cells and cavities fill with air. As a component of growing media, developing plant root systems can easily access oxygen and water. Combined with the proper ratio of aggregates, limestone and other ingredients, peat-based media are perfect for seed starting, rooting of cuttings and young plants development.


For many years now, Premier Tech Horticulture has used a very unique approach to peat moss gradation and selection. Over the years, it has assured a consistency in the final product that is usually very difficult to achieve in the industry. Premier Tech Horticulture is very proud to provide growers with products offering predictability in results.


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