Troy Buechel

Horticulture Specialist

Eastern and Mid Atlantic US

Troy Buechel, who has a bachelor and a master in horticulture, puts his expertise and experience to good use at Premier Tech Grower Services since 1995. Based in Quakertown, PA, he covers the Mid-Atlantic and Eastern Mid-Western United States. He is committed to offering growers alternatives, new ideas, support and solutions that suit their ever-evolving requirements and needs. He is specialized in flowering plants, more precisely plant nutrition and water quality. He has made dozens of videos throughout the years presenting the specificities and advantages of PRO-MIX products, and provides tools to solve different growing problems. Helping clients, “to serve them and help them have success with our products’’,  is a big part of his job. He sees his on-site visits as a great opportunity to keep up to date with horticultural advancements, like “new crops, growing techniques, and latest technologies used in crop production’’. This Horticulture Specialist is definitely committed to his work and to you.

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