Susan Parent

Horticulture Specialist

Eastern Canada and North Eastern US

Susan Parent is one of our active ingredient experts! She joined the Grower Services more than 10 years ago, after working for 2 decades in Premier Tech’s IR&D department, developing mycorrhizal inoculants and conducting commercial demonstrations. She has a bachelor in biology and a master’s degree in the occurrence of mycorrhizae in natural environments. Based in Québec, she covers Eastern Canada and Northeastern US. Susan is greatly involved in multiple initiatives featuring our unique active ingredients: mycorrhizae, of course, but also our biostimulants and biofungicides, in various markets (edible, ornamental, nursery). She also scouts potential issues with environment, pests and diseases, water, and provides growing media analyses with interpretation of the results. Whether she deals with new or repeat customers: “My goal is to support them in their business development or with issues they would like to resolve… I have a proactive approach in order to give them the best recommendations of products to use and for them to consider me as a reference for their practices.’’ 

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