Lance Lawson

Horticulture Specialist

Western US and Western Canada

With his strong academic background (bachelor in soil chemistry and organic chemistry and post-graduate degree in soil chemistry) and more than 20 years working in the horticultural field, Lance Lawson possesses undeniable expertise about growing media and the horticultural industry. Based out of Utah, he covers west of the Rockies for Western US markets from CO to Central and Northern CA, AK, HI and Western Canada, including BC, AB and SK. His teaching skills and vast experience in research, and as a speaker, have enabled him to easily communicate important technical information. He has an expertise in the chemical and physical properties of growing media and on how the growing environment can have an impact. Since 2013, Lance brings valuable skills and knowledge to the Grower Services team. When he comes to meet you, he places great value on “building trust and helping find solutions that make the clients’ professional life better’’. 

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