Jose Chen Lopez

Horticulture Specialist

Mexico and South Western US

Jose Chen Lopez has acquired a great deal of experience with growers over the years. His studies in soils and irrigation (bachelor and master) and his PhD in agricultural and biosystems engineering with major in controlled environment agriculture, guide him through his technical demonstrations, his coaching sessions, and in the search for the best solutions to various situations. He stands out with his knowledge combination between the relationship of substrate, water, plants and the aerial environment of the plant. Based out of Arizona, he joined the Grower Services in 2013 to support growers from the Bay Area (California), Southern California, Arizona, Nevada, Caribbean and Latin America. “My role is to understand the customers’ needs to come up with a solution to help them to be successful.’’ By working in different regions of the Americas, he’s pleased to work with growers from different cultures and, above all, he’s always happy to be part of your success.

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