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Value-added PRO-MIX Growing Medium with Active Ingredients: That’s the key!

PRO-MIX with active ingredients work together to enhance plant performance, quality and yield. MYCORRHIZAE connect with the plant to enhance the use of fertilizer and water for better quality, robust plants, while the BIOFUNGICIDE protects the plants by reducing incidence of plant root diseases (Fusarium, Pythium and Rhizoctonia) and suppresses certain insects, including fungus gnats and thrips. Learn how this powerful combination, fully integrated into growing media, can make your life easier!

October 8, 2020

For more information, contact your Premier Tech Grower Services Representative:

BLOE          PEEJ              LAWL

Ed Bloodnick
Horticulture Director
US-South East

JoAnn Peery
Horticulture Specialist
US-Central, Canada-Central

Lance Lawson
Horticulture Specialist
US-West, Canada-West


Troy Buechel
Horticulture Specialist
US-North East

Susan Parent
Horticulture Specialist
Canada-East, US-New England

Jose Chen Lopez
Horticulture Specialist
Mexico, Latin & South America


PRO-MIX® is a registered trademark of PREMIER HORTICULTURE Ltd.

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