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The Right Growing Medium For Hanging Baskets

Growing hanging baskets can always be a challenge, considering that multiple plant varieties are grown together in rooting environment that may be difficult to manage. For peat based media, the root zone may be initially too wet at transplanting, but has an ideal water holding capacity at finishing. In comparison, bark-based growing media may offer low moisture content and higher drainage at the start of the crop cycle, however, when baskets are finished they are heavy due to the bark content and the grower must water frequently as baskets may dry out too fast. In either case, the grower must be attentive to avoid overwatering or not to allow baskets to dry out. Finding the right growing medium that holds adequate moisture at the beginning of the crop cycle all the way to crop term can be difficult.


PRO-MIX® HPCC MYCORRHIZAETM is a new type of growing medium that contains chunk coir. Chunk coir is the husk of the coconut that is cut to a specific particle size that is porous in structure. It holds air and water therefore offers unique water/air dynamics when incorporated into growing medium. Therefore PRO-MIX® HPCC MYCORRHIZAETM provides adequate porosity similar to bark based mixes and holds water. Initially growers may notice that PRO-MIX® HPCC MYCORRHIZAETM will hold more water than a bark mix, so care should be taken not to overwater newly planted crops. However, towards the end of the crop, the benefits of chunk coir will be evident for hanging baskets and large potted crops. PRO-MIX® HPCC MYCORRHIZAETM will require less watering frequency and the growing medium will absorb water more readily.


Chunk coir is specialty selected and processed for Premier Tech Horticulture. Unlike other coir products, ‘chunk coir’ is washed to leach out excessive levels of potassium and waste ions, such as sodium and chloride.  This results in a lower salt content and lower EC in the chunk coir. So there is no concern about imbalanced nutrient charges or excessive salts that can burn newly transplanted seedlings. PRO-MIX® HPCC MYCORRHIZAETM can be used just like any other peat-based growing medium and similar fertilizer regimes can be used.

Advantages of using PRO-MIX® HPCC MYCORRHIZAETM:

  • Chunk coir provides coarse, porous structure for unique air and water properties.
  • Light weight compared to peat/bark based mixes.
  • Chunk coir particle integrity is maintained longer so there is minimal shrinking of the growing medium for long-term crops.
  • Compared to bark mixes, no need to increase fertilizer application rates to compensate for nitrogen drawn-down, which translates to fertilizer savings.
  • Higher porosity provides better water dynamics so growers can have better control over EC.
  • Better water absorption and distribution within the plant container.
  • Includes MYCORRHIZAETM for enhanced nutrient and water uptake for better performing plants.


For more information, contact your Premier Tech Grower Services Representative:


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