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Mycorrhizae; Bringing Value to Your Cannabis Plants medium


Duration: 60 minutes

Webinar Cannabis Business Times

A special webinar with Mathias Plourde and Bernard Brideau with our friends at Purplefarm Genetics.

This is a webinar designed for growers to help understand how a good mycorrhizae product can enhance the value of your plants' roots, translating into higher cannabinoids, increased yields, and shorter vegetative time.

In this 40 minutes of panel, we will elaborate on the properties of mycorrhizae, the technology behind it, and how your plants can achieve higher performance through active ingredients and precisely selected components. These allow for the stimulated growth of quality cannabis plants that are resistant to disease and environmental stress.

This panel will be composed of: Purplefarm Genetics, a Canadian Licensed producer, skilled cultivators growing whole flower cannabis for the Canadian and global market, and PRO-MIX, a company introduced in 1968 that provides commercial growers and consumers with cutting-edge and value-added growing media products.

For more information, contact your Premier Tech Grower Services Representative:

BLOE          PEEJ              LAWL

Ed Bloodnick
Horticulture Director
US-South East

JoAnn Peery
Horticulture Specialist
US-Central, Canada-Central

Lance Lawson
Horticulture Specialist
US-West, Canada-West


Troy Buechel
Horticulture Specialist
US-North East

Susan Parent
Horticulture Specialist
Canada-East, US-New England

Jose Chen Lopez
Horticulture Specialist
Mexico, Latin & South America


PRO-MIX® is a registered trademark of PREMIER HORTICULTURE Ltd.

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