Growing Media

Selecting the ideal growing media is crucial for achieving exceptional results. Our meticulously formulated growing media cater to professional growers' diverse needs, from germination trays to hanging baskets, and nurseries to controlled-environment agriculture. With only the best ingredients such as Sphagnum peat moss, composted pine bark, and coir, our formulations optimize yields and elevate cultivation. Explore our offer and experience the difference with PRO-MIX®.

Active Ingredients in our Growing Media

Thanks to the integration of active ingredients such as Bacillus and Mycorrhizae into our growing media, growers achieve superior quality and higher yields. Our enriched growing media maximize plant health and productivity, ensuring growers reap the benefits of their investment through enhanced crop performance.

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We also offerInoculants

To achieve the best results, professional growers choose AGTIV® biological inoculants. Our range of inoculants boosts yield and improves plant quality. Whether you're nurturing ornamental crops, managing controlled agriculture settings, or maintaining turf landscapes, our solutions offer natural support for thriving, healthy plants.

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