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At Premier Tech, we support the success of cannabis and hemp cultivators. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we provide tailored growing solutions infused and biological active ingredients, such as our premium PRO-MIX® growing media and inoculant.

Our goal is to empower growers with the tools they need to cultivate high-quality medicinal plants. Explore our range of products and services designed to elevate your growing experience and maximize your crop's health and potency!

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Our team of  Specialists offers comprehensive support to professional cannabis growers, covering every aspect of indoor and outdoor cultivation. Whether you need guidance on nutrient management, pest control, or other areas, our Grower Services team is here to assist you every step of the way!

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Susan Parent Horticulture Specialist

"In medicinal crops, producing a quality crop is achieved when the growing conditions are optimal. From the start of the growing cycle, transplanting clones in growing media containing active ingredients is the solution to prevent future problems. These beneficial biological active ingredients help plants get started on the right foot and increase their resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses."

Susan Parent

Horticulture Specialist

Our Technologies: Active ingredients

With beneficial microorganisms like Bacillus and mycorrhizae, AGTIV® inoculants are designed to enhance cannabis growth, quality, and yields. These innovative technologies foster symbiotic relationships with plant roots, improving nutrient absorption, water retention, and resilience to pests and diseases. By incorporating these solutions into your cultivation practices, you can ensure healthier, more robust cannabis plants, resulting in premium medicinal products.

Our Products for the Medicinal Market

For optimal medicinal cannabis production, professional growers require specialized growing media and biological inoculants. These products create the ideal environment for plant growth, promoting vigorous roots, nutrient uptake, and resistance to common stressors. Discover our solutions tailored to the medicinal market below.

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Growing Media

Discover our diverse PRO-MIX® professional growing media range, meticulously crafted to suit the specific requirements of medicinal crops. Explore our recommended solutions designed to ensure optimal results.

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Explore our PRO-MIX® inoculant, formulated to enhance the quality and yields of medicinal crops. Unlock the full potential of your plants with our recommended solutions, designed to promote optimal vitality, resilience, and performance.

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Grow Bags

Bringing PRO-MIX® in a fully adapted solution for your facility, our ready-to-use offer includes grow bags designed specifically for professional grower's environment.

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Wondering what our clients have to say about their experience with our products? Dive into testimonials from those who have seen firsthand how PRO-MIX® and AGTIV® have made a real difference in their business.

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