Nursery Crops

Welcome to our Nursery Crops Page, where professional growers can discover the ideal PRO-MIX® growing media and AGTIV® biologicals to nurture healthy and robust plants. Explore tailored solutions for nursery crops such as ornamental trees and shrubs. Enhance your cultivation practices with our expertly selected range of products, aimed at promoting strong root development, disease resistance, and overall plant vitality. With our comprehensive lineup, you can cultivate nursery crops with confidence, ensuring they reach their full potential from propagation to maturity.

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Growing Media for Nursery Crops

We offer a diverse range of PRO-MIX® professional growing media tailored to meet various crop requirements. Explore our recommended solutions for nursery crops.

Inoculants for Nursery Crops

Our AGTIV® mycorrhizal inoculant sets you up for success by enhancing crop growth, quality, yields and protection. Explore our recommended solutions for nursery crops.

Troy Buechel Horticulture Specialist

"Our PRO-MIX® peat/bark-based blends contain various amounts of partially composted and aged southern pine bark to provide low water retention, high drainage, good air porosity and added bulk density for container stability."

Troy Buechel

Horticulture Specialist