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Being a world leader in the industrial production of mycorrhizal inoculants has inspired us to go further in our search for natural biotechnologies. Since then, we have introduced the benefits of Bacillus, rhizobium, and Serendipita for professional growers. Furthermore, we have combined these powerful technologies to improve crop quality and yields for the benefit of our clients.

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At Premier Tech Growers and Consumers, we're dedicated to creating sustainable solutions to help feed the growing global population and beautify the world we live in. We improve crop performance, quality and yields by bringing life back into the soil. Our distinctive PRO-MIX® growing media, combined with AGTIV® biological inoculants, harness the power of biostimulants and biocontrols to enrich soils and fortify plants, all with a focus on environmental responsibility.​

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Whether you seek advice in crop nutrition or water quality, irrigation recommendations or another type of support, Premier Tech’s Grower Services team will be happy to help. To better support and facilitate access to knowledge in the industry, we offer multiple learning platforms that are easily accessible.​

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