Potted Trees and Shrubs

Welcome to our Potted Trees and Shrubs Page, dedicated to providing professional growers with the tools and expertise needed to cultivate robust and thriving greenery. Explore our range of PRO-MIX® growing media and AGTIV® biologicals tailored to meet the unique needs of potted trees and shrubs. Elevate your cultivation practices with our trusted products, designed to enhance the beauty and resilience of potted landscapes.

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Potted trees and shrubs

Growing Media for Potted Trees and Shrubs

We offer a diverse range of PRO-MIX® professional growing media tailored to meet various crop requirements. Explore our recommended solutions for potted trees and shrubs.

Inoculants for Potted Trees and Shrubs

Our AGTIV® mycorrhizal inoculant sets you up for success by enhancing crop growth, quality, yields and protection. Explore our recommended solutions for potted trees and shrubs.

Ed Bloodnick Grower Services Director

"Potted trees and shrubs require growing media with a good bulk density, to stabilize the container and a good aeration/drainage capacity for overhead irrigation. Bark-based mixes work well for this application, but the growing medium selected mustn't dry out too fast. PRO-MIX® BK and BKI are bark-based growing media that have a higher bulk density and good aeration/drainage characteristics for containerized trees and shrubs. The combination of peat, processed pine bark and perlite holds an adequate amount of water and provides for a good rooting environment for outdoor nursery applications."

Ed Bloodnick

Horticulture Specialist

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