Vegetable Transplants

Welcome to our Vegetable Transplants Page, for professional growers seeking superior solutions for successful transplant production. Explore our range of PRO-MIX® growing media and AGTIV® biologicals, meticulously formulated to promote robust root development and healthy growth in vegetable transplants. From tomatoes and peppers to cucumbers and lettuce, our tailored solutions optimize transplant establishment, ensuring strong, vigorous plants for seamless integration into the field or greenhouse environment. 

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Vegetable transplants

Growing Media for Vegetable Transplants

We offer a diverse range of PRO-MIX® professional growing media tailored to meet various crop requirements. Explore our recommended solutions for vegetable transplants.

Inoculants for Vegetable Transplants

Our AGTIV® mycorrhizal inoculant sets you up for success by enhancing crop growth, quality, yields and protection. Explore our recommended solutions for vegetable transplants.

Lance Lawson Horticulture Specialist

"Vegetable transplants can be grown in several PRO-MIX® products depending on your needs. Low fertilizer application rates are a key factor in minimizing seedling stretching and produce hardened plants. Remember the starter fertilizer charge only lasts until the first true leaves emerge, and fertilizer should be applied regularly to minimize uneven plant growth. Keep in mind that as a growing medium ages, the starter fertilizer charge can decline, so always use fresh products for the best performance."

Lance Lawson

Horticulture Specialist

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