Coir's durable and fibrous characteristics have made it a popular material for fabricating ship ropes for centuries. With the advent of industrialization, methods were developed to process coco into chunks and fibres, usable in a horticulture setting. Today, coir is used as a growing medium due to its exceptional drainage and water retention properties, which are ideal for seedlings and propagation. 

The Project 

A couple of years ago, Premier Tech, under its PRO-MIX brand, started creating a new 100% coconut-based product for the medicinal market. We aimed to develop a ready-to-use offer specifically for the medicinal plants industry, which is constantly searching for organic solutions to improve the plant’s health and the environmental impact of its cultivation.  

Quality Standards That Respect the Environment

PRO-MIX CX was created with the best conditions in mind to provide our growers with top-quality coir growing media while respecting the environment. Rigorous quality assurance standards are embedded into the production process. We perform sun drying under environmental control to eradicate phytosanitary risks. Solar energy is generated to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Rainwater is harvested and used for irrigation and in the production process itself, as well as to support the agricultural activities of neighbouring communities during periods of drought. Finally, the afforestation of a 5-acre pilot project has been initiated in collaboration with the Sri Lankan Forestry Department, to contribute to the move towards a greener planet. 

Coir production

"PRO-MIX CX is a dedicated product for the medicinal plants market that was created with a special blend of coir, and we are already seeing results from licensed growers in Canada and the USA. We are proud to expand our custom offering to include an all-coconut blend and bring to the market an organic offer. Our grow bags were designed to help our customers save time and labour.  Says Bernard Brideau, Medicinal Market Director at Premier Tech Growers and Consumers.  


A Product That Saves Time, Labour, and Money

PRO-MIX CX is a ready-to-use grow bag, with a specific blend of coco. It is available in 4 sizes, ranging from 1 to 5 gallons. It’s a unique offer that provides air-filled porosity and optimum water-holding capacity. Each size comes with pre-cut holes and customized drip holes. This tailored offer will help our clients save time, labour, and money while contributing to cleaner working environments. It is a solution adapted to all types of growing facilities. 

Good to the Coir 

The formulation of PRO-MIX CX has been perfected to offer an ideal medicinal plants cultivation environment and improve your control over your growing results. Our specific blend of 100% coco provides optimal aeration, water retention and air porosity, a perfect pH, and low EC levels. 

  • Super washed 
  • Low EC levels (<0.5mS / cm)  
  • pH Range: 5.5 - 7.0 
  • Optimal air/water ratio 
  • Water Holding Capacity*  
    • 50 - 70% by volume 
    • 5.5 - 6.5 l/kg  
  • Less labour 
  • Quicker and cleaner set-up 

*Water holding capacity varies based on grow bag sizes.  

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