Welcome to our Berries page, where professional growers find PRO-MIX® growing media and AGTIV® biologicals meticulously formulated to elevate berry cultivation. Delve into our specialized offerings crafted specifically for a diverse range of berries, including strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. Unlock the potential of your berry crops with our expertly curated product lineup, designed to enhance yield, quality, and overall plant health.

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Growing Media for Berries

We offer a diverse range of PRO-MIX® professional growing media tailored to meet various crop requirements. Explore our recommended solutions for berries.

Inoculants for Berries

Our AGTIV® mycorrhizal inoculant sets you up for success by enhancing crop growth, quality, yields and protection. Explore our recommended solutions for berries.

Jose Chen Lopez Horticulture Specialist

"Berries are popular because of their delicious flavor, wide variety, and numerous health benefits. However, they are difficult to grow because they are susceptible to abiotic stresses. When using PRO-MIX® substrates with active ingredients for conventional or organic production, plants are protected and stimulated. Likewise, water and nutrient uptake are more efficient. This results in high yield, better quality, and longer shelf life. In addition, synthetic chemicals can be minimized saving money and the environment."

Jose Chen Lopez

Horticulture Specialist

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