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Welcome to our Tree Care Solutions Page, dedicated to landscaping and tree care professionals. Explore our AGTIV® biologicals, meticulously formulated to support the health and vitality of trees. Our specialized solutions promote strong root development, better water and nutrient absorption, and overall tree vigor. Enhance your tree care maintenances and ensure the long-term health and beauty of your trees.

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Inoculants for Tree Care

Our AGTIV® mycorrhizal inoculants set you up for success by enhancing growth. Explore our recommended solutions for tree care.

Victor Brantly Horticulture Specialist

"AGTIV® REACH™ technology is expertly crafted to elevate tree health and fortify resilience, meeting the rigorous demands of professional growers and landscapers. The technology optimizes water and nutrient uptake, benefiting potted trees and continuing to support them post-transplantation. This proactive approach significantly reduces transplant shock, facilitating quicker establishment and enhancing the visual appeal of landscapes under your care."

Victor Brantly

Horticulture Specialist

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