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When cultivating, having products suited to your specific crop is essential for success. Whether you're involved in ornamental horticulture, controlled-environment agriculture, turf and landscaping, or other markets, this page allows you to select your crop type and explore our product recommendations.

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Products for the Ornamental Market

Ornamental crops, encompassing annuals, perennials, nursery crops, shrubs, foliage plants, etc., are cultivated for their visual appeal in landscaping and indoor environments. To achieve optimal performance and yields in these crops, specialized products tailored to their unique requirements and growth stages are essential. Discover our full offer below.

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Products for the Controlled-Environment Agriculture Market

Controlled-Environment Agriculture (CEA) involves cultivating crops in controlled indoor environments such as greenhouses, vertical farms, and hydroponic systems. Professional growers in CEA recognize the importance of using specialized products to optimize crop growth and yield in these controlled settings. Explore our products to enhance your operations and achieve superior results.

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Products for the Turf and Landscaping Market

In turf and landscaping, maintaining lush, healthy vegetation is essential. That's why we offer specialized products to enhance the growth and appearance of grasses, plants, trees, and shrubs. Discover our products formulated to achieve vibrant and resilient turf and landscapes that meet the highest standards of beauty and quality.

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