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Welcome to our Lawn Care Solutions Page, tailored for lawn care professionals. Explore our AGTIV® biological inoculants, meticulously formulated to promote lush, green lawns while minimizing environmental impact. Our solutions enhance soil health and root development for a vibrant and resilient lawn thanks to premium quality products.

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Lawn Care

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Our AGTIV® mycorrhizal inoculants set you up for success by enhancing growth. Explore our recommended solutions for lawn care.

Troy Buechel Horticulture Specialist

"Annuals are great crops that provide the end user with lots of color, textures, and forms that can complement their home or landscape. However, there are so many plant varieties that it is challenging to accommodate each crop’s individual needs. Active ingredients such as mycorrhizae can reduce the stress that occurs with minor crops that do not perform well with standard fertilization and watering techniques used for most crops. Bacillus can reduce root diseases that arise if some of these crops tend to be overwatered. All crops, especially minor crops can benefit from active ingredients."

Troy Buechel

Horticulture Specialist

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