If you have ever been to Switzerland, you know the Swiss love flowers. They have gorgeous window boxes full of red geraniums on tidy little cottages in the Alps. When Rudy Wuthrich came to America, flowers were something that had been a way of life in the "Old Country". Settling in Logan, Utah and raising a family there, he started to grow not only flowers but a business that would continue for generations. Rudy and Son's Greenhouses began in 1952 on Canyon Road. Rudy started with a few greenhouses with the help of his wife, children and siblings. The greenhouse business started to blossom as he forged wholesale relationships with companies they still do business with today. As Rudy's sons grew older, most of the work was handed to them. However, Rudy never retired from the greenhouse business and spent all his days hand watering and tending to the flowers.

A look back at the early years at Rudy and Son's Greenhouses
A look back at the early years at Rudy and Son’s Greenhouses.

Rudy’s sons, Jerry and John Wuthrich, became the owners and operators for the next few decades. Jerry Wuthrich still makes a daily trip to the greenhouses to oversee the process now run by his two sons, Justin and Kevin Wuthrich. Five generations have been a part of helping out in the family business. This business became known in the city of Logan and surrounding areas for being an upstanding business with quality products. Rudy and Son's Greenhouses was a business where a man's word and reputation were top priority. The greenhouse business still runs as a mostly wholesale operation, serving businesses such as grocery stores, garden centers and other retail outlets in many of the Western United States, mainly Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and Nevada.

Rudy and Sons Greenhouses in Logan, Utah
Rudy and Son’s Greenhouses in Logan, Utah.

The general public is also welcome to come and shop in their more than 40 greenhouses. There they will find the likes of "reminiscent" geraniums in many varieties, dozens of types of petunias, marigolds, etc. and one of the largest selection of Proven Winner plants around. They also offer a bounty of vegetable plants, all seeded and then transplanted by hand. Farmers call in special orders to fit their needs and can plan on exceptional starts for their crops. The perennials and ornamental grasses never disappoint. They grow in popularity and variety each year. Buying straight from the greenhouse and taking the plants home to the customer's garden is what has made Rudy and Son's Greenhouses a tradition for many shoppers.

A sampling of the beautiful geraniums that are a landmark at Rudy and Sons Greenhouses
A sampling of the beautiful geraniums that are a landmark at Rudy and Son’s Greenhouses.

The staff at Rudy and Son's Greenhouse hand plant hundreds of hanging baskets. Most are delivered in the weeks leading up to Mother's Day. The well-thought-out combinations and careful pruning make their hanging baskets full and vibrant showstoppers. They will also make customized planters and containers of all shapes and sizes for the customer who wants something unique.

When August rolls around, Justin and Kevin Wuthrich set their sights on the Holiday season. Poinsettias are planted individually by their hard-working employees. Rudy and Son's Greenhouses change over the greenhouse interiors to grow over 60,000 of these beauties.

Another great pansy crop in Rudy and Son's Greenhouse
Another great pansy crop!

One unique aspect of their business is that they support local school groups, sports teams, and church groups by offering fundraising opportunities as these groups go out and sell poinsettias around Christmas time and hanging baskets for Mother's Day.

With a hybrid of the "old ways" and new technology, they use their years of experience to yield the best results with all of their plants. Working in partnership with Premier Tech Growers and Consumers and using growing media such as PRO-MIX HP BIOFUNGICIDE + MYCORRHIZAE has helped keep the business "growing" strong. They have noticed that using PRO-MIX HP BIOFUNGICIDE + MYCORRHIZAE has helped improve plant growth and there is no longer any need to drench for root disease. Premier Tech Growers and Consumers is always willing to provide Rudy’s with the best possible support and innovative products that help in their success.

Premier Tech Growers and Consumers would like to thank Rudy and Son's Greenhouse for their business. Rudy and Son's Greenhouse is grateful for a customer base that keeps returning to help do what they love and make the world a prettier place.

Their website address: www.rudysgreenhouse.com

Their Facebook page: Rudys Greenhouse