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Plant growth cycle: Growing solution steps

Cannabis plant growth cycle

Connect rooted cutting and transplant

As soon as roots are emerging, the idea is to rapidly introduce PRO-MIX® Mycorrhizal inoculant • Powder close to the main root system to rapidly start the symbiosis and develop the hyphae network.

PRO-MIX Connect

How: By dipping transplant into the mycorrhizal inoculant slurry.
Why: Main roots of the plant go directly to the bottom of the container to reach out for nutrients and water, therefore leaving unexplored areas in the soil where nutrients are present. With the connection of the additional hyphae network these unexplored areas will be served through this extra coverage giving the ability to the plant to access essential elements.

Nutrients and water are essential components for effective plant growth. By adding biological active ingredients, such as beneficial mycorrhizae and bacillus, an earlier and efficient use of water and nutrients will help plants reach optimum crop yield.


  • Develop the hyphae network by connecting the main root system rapidly as roots are aiming towards the bottom of the container.
  • Giving faster access to nutrients and water to the plant.
  • Less growth rate reduction when transitioning inside a bigger container.
  • Vegetative time reduction.


Mycorrhizae closeup 

  • Reduces transplant shock and stress
  • Stronger plant
  • Better nutrient use

Mycorrhizae are beneficial associations between a mycorrhizal fungus and roots. The mycorrhizal spores germinate in the soil and produce filaments (hyphae) which penetrate root cells. This association will allow the formation of an intra-radical and extra-radical network of filaments that will explore the soil and access more nutrients and water, and transfer them to the plant.


Closeup bacillus

Bacillus are bacteria that stimulate the plant's root system.


  • Forms a biofilm around the root system that ensures protection
  • Reduces root diseases caused by fusarium, pythium and rhizoctonia
  • Supress certain insects, including fungus gnats and thrips that pupate in growing media.*


  • Induces the proliferation of the root hairs for better nutrients uptake
  • Stimulates the plant's root system by secreting biostimulant molecules

* Product availability may vary depending on the US territory. Only eligible with the combinaison

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