BRK20 – Low water retention

Designed for long-term crops such as hardy mums, PRO-MIX BRK20 is a solution offering flexibility. Combining the qualities of aged pine bark and professional-grade sphagnum peat moss, PRO-MIX BRK20 creates a favorable root zone environment that is suitable for seasonal changes.

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  • Annuals
  • Potted flowering plants
  • Perennials
  • Potted trees and shrubs


  • Difficult to overwater crops
  • Increased drainage
  • High bulk density ensures good pot stability
  • Growers can use fertilizer regimes similar to peat-based mixes, unlike other bark-based mixes


  • VeriFlora® is an agricultural sustainability certification and eco-labeling program recognized as the gold-standard in the floriculture and horticulture industries.
Susan Parent Horticulture Specialist

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PRO-MIX BRK20 contains a combination of Canadian sphagnum peat moss, specially processed pine bark and perlite to form a growing medium that provides good bulk density, high drainage, low water retention and good air porosity. Many growers prefer this PRO-MIX formulation for garden mums, perennials and small container nursery plants grown outdoors where rainy weather can be a factor. The processed bark is nitrogen-stabilized so that there is a minimal drawdown of nitrogen. This means growers do not have to increase nitrogen rates. 

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  • SPHAGNUM PEAT MOSS (60-70%) ?

    Canadian Sphagnum peat moss is a natural, organic matter that comes from a peat bog. This primary resource is carefully harvested by vacuum harvesters. Peat moss comes in various fibrosity and levels of decomposition. Once carefully graded, peat moss assures that qualities of each grade are optimized for based on grower and uses for a final product reaching high quality requirements.


    Processed pine bark consists of partially composted aged pine bark derived from predominantly red pine species. The pine bark is screened, graded and aged turned to partially compost to improve and stabilize the carbon:nitrogen ratio.


    Perlite is an alumino-silicate ore of volcanic origin. The raw ore is crushed, graded and screened in various particle sizes. Perlite has a high total-porosity and improves drainage and air porosity.


    Used to adjust pH to optimum range. Also a source of Calcium and Magnesium.


    A wetting agent is a substance that reduces the surface tension of water, allowing water to penetrate and uniformly wet growing media.

Documents and specifications

Code Size (Regional availability may vary) Units per pallet Weight
50280RGLB 2.8 cu ft Loose 48 45 - 60 lb
50600RGLB 60 cu ft Comp. 2 900 -1250 lb
Size (Regional availability may vary) 2.8 cu ft Loose
Units per pallet 48
Weight 45 - 60 lb
Size (Regional availability may vary) 60 cu ft Comp.
Units per pallet 2
Weight 900 -1250 lb

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