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Demonstration: Connecting with “The Hemp Mine”

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Demonstration connecting with the hemp

During the month of June, the Premier Tech Growers and Consumers Medicinal team led by Bernard Brideau, together with IR&D, began a demonstration with the company The Hemp Mine on the use of mycorrhizal inoculant powder such as PRO-MIX® CONNECT to demonstrate the potential growth and chemitypic expression on (Hemp) Cannabis sativa.

The Hemp Mine is a company located in South Carolina, United States. One of the co-founders, Dr. Allison Justice, graduated from Clemson University with a Ph.D. in Plant and Environmental Science. She is also a hemp and cannabis consultant on a mission to provide reliable hemp products to every farmer in the U.S.

The Hemp Mine manages 25 acres of field production, a critical CO2 extraction and THC remediation facility, along with a head office combined with a 10,000 square-foot manufacturing facility. Not only does The Hemp Mine plant, cultivate, harvest, dry, extract, and manufacture hemp products with sales in over 2,000 retail stores and online; but they also distribute The Hemp Mine genetics for hundreds of acres in production nationwide.

This demo will treat 2,500 plants with PRO-MIX® CONNECT. We decided to work with The Hemp Mine since we share the same values of respect for our farmers, agricultural savvy technology behind our products, and years of experience in the industry. This partnership seeks to encourage the growth of its hemp plants, enhancing the benefits that PRO-MIX® brings with it. PRO-MIX® intensify the value of their crops, resulting in more vigorous and healthy plants. In addition, it stimulates the natural chemotype of a plant, which translates into the increased synthesis of molecules such as terpenes and cannabinoids.

Our goal is to make our products known to farmers in the Hemp and Cannabis industry. We strive for optimal results that help us deliver the high performance and value of PRO-MIX® and that strengthen our partnership with the hemp market through the support of knowledgeable people in the industry. People such as Dr. Allison Justice and others who advocate for sustainable growing and smart farming and investigate the genome of the plants to find a way to move forward much faster than traditional breeding.


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