Organically produced herb and vegetable transplants represent an important commodity both for direct sales to consumers as well as for starter plants for organically grown field crops and potted greenhouse culture. With increased interest in organic and sustainable production methods for herbs and vegetables, the industry is ever more aware of the use of organic growing media and fertilizers for greenhouse production. Premier Tech Horticulture has developed an organic-approved mix to meet the needs and growing requirements of natural, organic and certified organic growers.

PRO-MIX® MP MYCORRHIZAE™ ORGANIK™ is an organic approved general-purpose growing medium. It is a combination of Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, Horticultural Grade Coir and Horticultural Grade Perlite blended with a balanced organic starter nutrient charge and wetting agent designed to meet the crop requirements for the production of organic herbs and vegetables. The basic components of the organic-based fertilizer are OMRI-listed and approved and have been selected and formulated to provide a gradual nutrient release for the first weeks of the plant's growth. PRO-MIX® MP MYCORRHIZAE ORGANIK is suitable for a wide variety of organic herbs and vegetables, and transplanting applications.

dill comparative growth
Figure 1. Comparison of dill grown in PRO-MIX® MP MYCORRHIZAE ORGANIK on the left, and grower blended growing medium on the right.

PRO-MIX® MP MYCORRHIZAE ORGANIK contains a mycorrhizal inoculum (Glomus intraradices) to benefit organic herb and vegetable crops by increasing water and nutrient acquisition (especially Phosphorus, Copper and Zinc). These microscopic fungi attach to and colonize root systems. This symbiotic relationship between fungi and plants results in overall improved plant growth.

PRO-MIX® MP MYCORRHIZAE ORGANIK has been designed to assist the grower in getting the right start for their organic herbs and vegetables and facilitate optimal plant growth.