Premier Tech - Horticulture

Grower Services

Growing plants is as much as "an art" as it is science. Having accurate and frequent analytical measures provides the science for a clear snapshot of crop nutrition and crop culture. Premier Tech Horticulture offers growers support to monitor crops, determine trends and prevent potential problems to assist our customers in their operation.

Our Grower Services team provides technical support, analyses interpretation and culture guidelines to professional growers. We cover every aspect of commercial greenhouse and nursery production to be sure that you get the most from Premier Tech Horticulture products. Whether its crop nutrition, water quality, irrigation recommendations or other crop assistance, you can benefit from Grower Services.

Services offered to growers

  • Access to Grower Tools
  • Educational Support
  • Laboratory Analyses
  • Growing media
  • Plant tissue
  • Water
  • Fertilizer solution
  • Pathology
  • E-newsletters
  • In-depth Consultations
  • On-site Product Support
  • Custom Blend Assistance
  • Organic Culture
  • Product Presentations and Seminars
  • Webinars