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PRO-MIX YP BIOFUNGICIDE* for Young Plant Production

Our popular BIOFUNGICIDE* bacterium for the suppression of root diseases is now incorporated into PRO-MIX YP BIOFUNGICIDE*. This natural bacterium (Bacillus subtilis) produces an antibiotic that suppresses the root disease-causing organisms Fusarium, Pythium and Rhizoctonia.

*All BIOFUNGICIDE* products are available under BIOSTIMULANT in Canada and in Latin America.


Save time and money, and reduce cutting losses

With BIOFUNGICIDE*, the need to apply chemical fungicide drenches to control these root diseases is significantly reduced; in fact, many growers reduce their fungicide drenches by 50-75%. Saving time and money, reducing cutting losses and using a non-chemical control are all benefits of having the BIOFUNGICIDE incorporated into PRO-MIX YP BIOFUNGICIDE*, or any PRO-MIX product for that matter.

What is PRO-MIX YP designed for?

PRO-MIX YP for young plants was introduced about two years ago as a growing medium for the production of young plants in the greenhouse production market. It is designed specifically for starting cuttings in small to large cell trays that are directly filled or for paper- or poly-wrapped pots >30 mm (1.18 inch).

Seed germination

Another application for PRO-MIX YP is the germination of seed in 72-cell or larger plug trays. PRO-MIX YP is specially formulated with fine Canadian sphagnum peat moss (with minimal dusty particles), coir (horticultural grade), coarse perlite, limestone, a wetting agent and a low-solubility starter nutrient charge. This precise blend resists compaction from repeated misting and watering, yet holds together adequately in paper-wrapped pots.


  • Canadian sphagnum peat moss – fine (45-55%)
  • Coir (horticultural grade) – improves long-term wettability, air porosity and reduces long-term compaction
  • Perlite (horticultural grade)  –  improves air porosity
  • Dolomitic and calcitic limestone  –  for initial pH adjustment (5.2-5.6)
  • Starter fertilizer charge  –  granular, low-solubility; feeds young plants for 4 weeks
  • Wetting agent
  • BIOSTIMULANT / BIOFUNGICIDE* – suppresses Fusarium, Pythium and Rhizoctonia

For more information about PRO-MIX YP BIOSTIMULANT / BIOFUNGICIDE* or any other PRO-MIX product, please contact your Premier Tech Horticulture Grower Services Representative.

PRO-MIX® is a registered trademark of PREMIER HORTICULTURE Ltd.

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