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PRO-MIX® PG ORGANIK™ for Plugs and Germination

With the continuing growth of greenhouse organic production, Premier Tech Horticulture introduces a new organic plug and germination growing medium, PRO-MIX® PG ORGANIK™.

PRO-MIX® PG ORGANIK™ is formulated with fine sphagnum peat and fine vermiculite, similar to our PRO-MIX® PGX to help with water retention for emerging seedlings. It also contains coir - horticultural grade for improved water absorption of the growing medium, even after the wetting agent is broken down or leached during extended crop cycles. Also added are limestone (for pH adjustment), an organic wetting agent and a starter fertilizer that lasts approximately 2-4 weeks.

PRO-MIX® PG ORGANIK™ is designed to hold a high amount of water to keep necessary moisture near the seeds to encourage germination. Once seeds germinate, it is best to reduce watering frequency so the growing medium surface dries between waterings. This will help encourage root development and reduce root disease and algae problems.

For optimal performance and wettability, we recommend using the product within 3-4 months after the manufacturing date. Once in use, begin fertilization after the emergence of the first true leaves and then maintain an ongoing fertility program throughout the rest of the crop cycle. Keep in mind that most organic fertilizers may need an active population of microorganisms in the growing medium to break down organic fertilizers so they can be taken up by the plant. In this case, organic fertilizer may need to be applied sooner, so microorganism populations can build up to convert and “release” nutrients for plant uptake.

The following ingredients are found in PRO-MIX® PG ORGANIK™:

  • Canadian sphagnum peat moss - fine grade (60-70%)
  • Coir - Horticultural Grade - increases water retention and aids in long term wettability
  • Vermiculite - fine grade
  • Calcitic limestone -  for initial pH adjustment (5.2-5.8)
  • Starter fertilizer charge – an organic blend of poultry-based fertilizer and seaweed that feeds for up to 2-4 weeks
  • Organic wetting agent

PRO-MIX® PG ORGANIK™ is OMRI-listed, certified by Quebec Vrai®, and approved for organic use. For more information about PRO-MIX® PG ORGANIK™, please contact your Premier Tech Horticulture Sales Representative or Grower Services Representative.

PRO-MIX® is a registered trademark of PREMIER HORTICULTURE Ltd.

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