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Not all Mycorrhizae are Created Equal!

At the end of your day, knowing the type and quality of the mycorrhizae you use for your plants does make a difference. By far the greatest amount of independent research data and documented plant benefits are with Glomus intraradices. PRO-MIX(Premier Tech Horticulture) is the largest commercial producer of endomycorrhizae (strain: Glomus intraradices) in the world !

For over 20 years we have been culturing our own endomycorrhizae in a controlled environment assuring you the highest quality and performance levels.

Glomus intraradices Mycorrhizae

PRO-MIX uses two quality control methods to verify that you are receiving a superior endomycorrhizal inoculum. The first is a count of viable spores coming from the concentrated suspension used to make the product. This assures that the proper concentration of viable spores is in the product.

The second method is a greenhouse validation test in which plants are inoculated with the recommended amount of product and grown in containers. With maintaining these strict rules, PRO‑MIX® can assure a consistent quality product for every batch of the product made.


20 years of production experience and documented performances


PRO-MIX superior endomycorrhizae


Highest quality control standards of the industry


  • Improves water and nutrients uptake (particularly phosphorus, copper, zinc, and manganese);
  • Increases plant resistance to stresses such as inadequate nutrition and drought;
  • Improves plant survival rate following transplant.


The microscopic organisms attach to the plant’s roots and form a network that becomes an extension of the actual plant root system. In exchange for the sugars and vitamins provided by the plant, these live organisms become feeders for the plant. The mycorrhizal fungi also protect the plant from diseases. 

See how PRO-MIX MYCORRHIZAE from Premier Tech Horticulture works:


PRO-MIX® is a registered trademark of Premier Horticulture Ltd.

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