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Interview with a grower: BillTheGoat

Bill The Goat

Bill the Goat got into the cannabis community a long time ago. He loves to share his experience and photos with other growers, while exposing potential scammers to other members of the community.

Born educator and generous with his knowledge, Bill the Goat is always willing to share how he grows his plants, the product tests he has done, such as lights, soil and nutrients, and most importantly, reveals his results!

Opening a part of his private life, Bill, his family and his pets, share with us beautiful pictures, useful knowledge and also debates about cannabis.

Thanks Bill!

PRO-MIX: Seeds or clones?

BillTheGoat: I prefer to start from regular seed. Knowing there will be unwanted males, I clone the first cuts as I top my plants, this normally happens around week 3 or 4. Yes, the males also get cloned this way, by keeping them numbered you will be able to pull the male clone as the parent plant shows its sex which normally can be identified as early as week 6.

Favourite strain to growPRO-MIX: Favourite strain to grow?

BillTheGoat: I have an affinity for nice fruity smells, and I have always loved the smell of juicy fruit gum. To me nothing fills my tents better with that smell than Black Widow, I've grown this strain under several different lights and outdoors and always find a very pleasant product at the end.

PRO-MIX: Favorite nutrient line?

BillTheGoat: I love the results I have seen with the Dutch Pro Nutrient line. I've used it in both HP and HP+ with very little issue even with some pH drift. The plants stay happy and healthy, not showing the normal lock out stresses I have seen in the past.

PRO-MIX: Do you currently use any bloom/ terpene boosters?

BillTheGoat: Having a switch up system that focuses on the roots during veg and early fruiting while the plant is focused on building both canopy and roots, then a bloom booster for after stretch that gives the plants what they need for big happy fruits, has been a game changer for me.

PRO-MIX: If you use clones, what is your favorite method of cloning (aerocloner, plugs etc.)

BillTheGoat: Truth be told, I can say I don't like going directly to soil with clones at all. I've had great success with both rock wool and hydro cloners. Out of the two, the hydro cloner is a much easier process, it allows me to hold the cuts for a longer period of time, without the need to go to soil as quickly as with rock wool. It's also better for the environment as rock wool takes a very long time to break down.

PRO-MIX: How long have you been using PRO-MIX products? PRO-MIX preferred product?

BillTheGoat:  I've been using PRO-MIX for about 2.5 years.
I started with the typical hot soils that are focus marketed on new growers. After a bunch of issues and struggling plants. I searched for help and quickly found out those soils just didn't fit my grow style and we're hurting me more than helping me. I was recommended PRO-MIX HP, made the switch, and never looked back.

Growing plantsPRO-MIX: What should never be missing when growing?

BillTheGoat: Patience and understanding. I have sat staring at my plants just wishing they would hurry up so we could get to the good part. Nothing will kill a new found hobby faster than trying to rush it. Having a basic understanding of how your plants grow, and the needs during each stage no matter if we are talking about everything from water/feed to light helps significantly.

PRO-MIX: Favourite Instagramer?

BillTheGoat: I don't have one single favorite instagramer, I work closely with a group of growers known as team Sunraise, we are a small group that works to help struggling growers when they run into problems with their plants and can't find the answers they are looking for.

To visit his Instagram account: @bill_the_goat72

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