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PRO-MIX® BRK BIOFUNGICIDE™ is a medium weight growing medium. This peat and bark based formula adds weight, reduces water retention and ensures optimal balance between air and water also it will resist to long-term compaction and improves container stability. This medium has been enriched with a biofungicide (Bacillus Subtilis) that prevents root diseases. These bacteria colonize developing root systems, and suppress disease-causing organisms, such as Pythium, Fusarium and Rhizoctonia, which attack root systems. The bacteria also act as a biostimulant developing with the growing root system. A vigorous root system is then established, resulting in more uniform plant stands after transplanting in the field and in greater crop yields.


  • Peat bark-based growing media for transplanting a wide variety of plant species
  • For large cell-pack bedding trays (i.e. 606 and larger), pots and containers up to 2 gallons
  • Contains bark for high porosity and improved bulk density
  • Has the lowest water retention and highest bulk density of all PRO-MIX products
  • Contains BIOFUNGICIDE™ (Bacillus Subtilis-MBI600)


  • Reduces overwatering risk
  • Increased drainage
  • High bulk density ensuresgood pot stability
  • Growers can use fertilizer regimes similar to peat-based mixes, unlike other bark-based mixes
  • BIOFUNGICIDE™ reduces incidence of root diseases to improve overall growth of plants

**Benefits may vary among plant species and cultivars.


  • Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss
    (45-55% by volume)
  • Processed Pine Bark
    (30-40% by volume)
  • Perlite –horticultural grade
  • Dolomitic and Calcitic limestone 
    (pH adjuster)
  • Wetting Agent
  • Biofungicide: Microbial supplement for plant growth
    (Bacillus Subtilis)
50282RG 2.8 cu ft Comp. 48 45 - 60 lb
50602RG 60 cu ft Comp. 2 900 - 1250 lb

*For Canadian growers similar product is available under PRO-MIX BIOSTIMULANT. Please contact your distributor or Premier Tech Horticulture sales representative for details.