- High Porosity, Chunk Coir Growing Media -




When seeking the ideal balance between air porosity, drainage capacity and water retention, PRO-MIX® HPCC MYCORRHIZAE™ is the solution growers select. With unique chunk coir reducing soil compaction and a carefully selected peat moss, this formulation provides conditions promoting growth and offering a delicate, well calculated control over the growing environment.

PRO-MIX® HPCC MYCORRHIZAE™ will give growers what they are looking for, in order to optimize quality of their hanging baskets and long term crops.


  • Greater frequency of dry-down periods (compared to general purpose peat-based mixes)
  • Grower can more easily leach fertilizer salts during crop cycle
  • Difficult to over-water
  • Well suited for undesirable, year-round weather conditions

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